The Case Of Ripped Pants.

So when everyone was having the ragged pants I was that girl that thought they were a major hell no in my closet typa thing. Its not like I have not seen fashionable people do it , I have never pictured myself looking good in ragged pants.
So, I was going though some vlogs on you tube and I saw this amazing lady doing a DIY on ragged pants and I thought ....oh well I can do that. I got some old pants that I had been wearing on those days that I feel like a hell no type of day. Just to tell you the truth the pants are like five years old. I bought them back in 2008 (yeah yeah I know how to take care of my JEANS). I turned the basic jeans into some good snazzy mommy ragged pants. I was major big back in 2008 so the pants look like mommy jeans. 
I so loved how they came out that I have made  a choice to get more pants and change them. So verdict is :I am loving ragged, I tried them and I love them.
So here are the pictures of how I
paired the look. I was attending my evening class so simple and not stresy was the way to go.

 The white vest was gifted
Shoes Gikomba...I love these shoes, so comfy
Sweater : Shopped in my mums closet, by shopping I mean getting it from her closet.
Thak you for stopping by and see you next time.

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