That Hard Road.

So how is the remaining part of your weekend( funny because its only hours till Monday finally ushers  us in with blue vibes, actually I always say be what you want , if you want blue then what the shimmy, be blue, if you want to paint Monday red, who is stopping you) anyway I had a crazy weekend that started on Saturday with a very bad and disturbing dream that made me realize that I have been living my life eating all the junk the world has to offer. ( That has been for the past three months, am usually that girl that drinks like 4 liters of water...(more like 3.5litters),takes a lot of veggies and at least do my squats-50,lunges-30,and 20-bridges.)
So I started my journey to a healthy life with
1.20-squats in the morning before my shower.
The recipie for my detoxing water was so simple and ahhhmmmmm not so tasty. I am not going to lie. A mixture of lemon,orange and ginger is a CRAAAZY taste.

 This thing taste ewiiie but think of the benefits and drink that sucker up.

3. Taking a glass of carrot juice every morning. 
Now this is SWEET. Really am not kidding you. Ok, first you need a blender and since my blender decoded to take a break after serving us for a few years, I used the old school method, Grating the carrot and squeezing the juices out. It was hard work but it paid off. If you looking for something different you can try to take cucumber juices too.

 I used the shredded carrots to cook my food. I just felt funny throwing all that had remained away.

4.Finally the last thing, eating salads as a snack.
Being totally honest, this was one of the hardest things I had to do, a salad as a snack....enzymes torture( are the enzymes even feeling the pain,its more like tastes buds torture.).
The salad was as plain as cafeteria food. I wanted it that way. Plain today and a tasty one tomorrow, by tasty I mean a bit of chilli and plain yoghurt. I am not  fan of mayo so I substitute it for yoghurt.

Any way have a healthy week and weeks ahead. 
Thank you for stopping by and see you next time.

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