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So this was a page apparently but I have no idea what happened so I have to put another post that i had already typed and pretty sure I posted. So am this huge fun of The Rich  Kids of Beverly Hills and my favorite is Dorothy Wang ......need i say more, am such an addict i have not yet started my English paper that's due tomorrow but am sure tomorrow it will be me and a  mug tea. Yeah i take tea to keep me up. No coffee, am not a coffee fan and hopefully i hope i will be one day lol. 
So back to the post title. Yes, the bellow thing are what I would die and since I cant thrift alot I am keeping my eyes open for the doc shoe and a white skater dress. 
Picture time. Hope you enjoy and share
you fashion  covet too.                 

 If you leave in Nairobi you know the crazy weather where its kinda cold in the morning then during the mid day its gets CRAZY hot yieish....then like at around five thirty, you start craving that wrmth again. I so want that big, buggy sexy sweater. It works all the time.

I love the reflector shades are they amazing or are they AMAZING.  Cant say more.
Oh the camo jacket ...lovee
want one.

So if you need to know grey has been making apperance on the runways this year and who are we lying to, we  need to have atleast one trending thing in your closet and my oh my any thing gray will do it for me. Plus I need a single sole flowery shoes.
Who ever said docs need to be back ...thank you i so love them. So much.
Anyway i need to  do my nails and finish my paper so I will see you soon. 
Thank you for stopping by.

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