I have-_-!-_-! been thinking a lot and I have finally got it my blog doesn't have to be style alone. I mean how many style blogs are out there.... yeah answer that and how many are renowned writers and fashion gurus.... slot right so isn't going to keep mine what I want to see everytime I open us a good magazine, good fashion, good stories that motivates me and yes good hilarious stories that make me go 'yeah yeah I was or I Am there you know ' so the blog name will stay but that stories will keep on changing on and on...there will be good fashion and what's trending both on the ranway in Milan and also the street style.

AAnyway to today's title, what do you do when you get break from everything           
(When i say everything i mean school lol) you hit your optitian. Yes yes i wear glasses and the bigger and frammier the better lol.
I will show you the pictures.
I have also been stragling with loosing some unwanted fat especially on my midsection area but i will loose it. I have been taking water like i have a gun pointed at me. I dont want to but i have to you know and also i have been telling myself that I need to visit the gym (dont hate me its a hard thing to do) and well my diet has not been helping too. Like today the most important meal of the day I munched down a whole 110 grMs of ♡chilli lemon crisps ♡and a liter of water 
As if it helps lol and yeah those roadside smokies i am an addict. I am sure there is a picture somewhere i will put it up to.
Anyway thank you for stopping by.... XOXO

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