I know I know its like three or is it two weeks late since school started an boy oh boy i am happy, in a way....that's if you remove all the crazy class schedules and some boring lecture time.
So the sun is out (finally) I am happy that COLD June and her crazy brothers are gone and we will see them again next year. Honestly i had no sweaters, no correction o have no sweaters. The ones i have are button up and one is major heavy. Anyway to a lighter note its that time to take those shorts out.
On Thursday I had  a three thirty class and the sun was shinning like it was paid. My option for the dress code was comfy and breezy and this is how I dressed for the class.

I just had to take a mirror-selfie.
The pictures dont look that good but i hope next week i will have better ones. I have also decided that i will be posting twice a week. It will be on different things though. I wont be tied down to fashion alone.
photo cred ;my 11 year old brother Greg.
Blouse; Gifted by my daughter Mercy.
Shorts; Gikomba
Bag ; Gifted ,mum gave me that and i love it to death.

I made the make p light by sticking to lip-gloss and mascara alone BTW since the weather is warm you can wear this for a night out just throw on some heels,tuck the blouse instead of a tie at the front and throw on some light cardigan. That will be good for a date night with your girls.
Anyway stay safe and fashionable and thank you for visiting. XOXO

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