So finally, finally the school is closed and boy am I happy about it. Sorry about no post lately, school work last week kept me away for some time anyway am back. So my holiday plan is to basicly become a couch potato but not a fat couch potato.(I wonder if that will be easy.???) I have a new obsession.....more of lots of (a whole list of it)them. It goes from what i have already started with to what am planing to get into. From movies,food and my all time favorite fashion. Before i get to that though i just have to say it will take time before i start posting my personal style pictures...main reason being I dont own a good camera and that mens i have to be booking shoots but all in all I will do anything to get my style out there. Soooooooooo here we go.......... 1.First off ELECTRONIC TALK.... I am obsessed with the samsung s5. oh Mighty G please send down some cash so that i can get it.
Take a look at that a 16 mp camera. Now I don't know about you but I love a good camera on my phone reason? I don't know
maybe because I love some good selfies.
2.A good camera. Need I say it needs to come with a good photographer. lol.
I want this mainly to reduce the cost of booking 
a shoot.
awwwww (dreaming.)
I love me some good camera and I am obsessed with this one mainly because I think I can afford it....that's if i stop being lazy and cancel my guitar buying  plan and get it.
Now I gues from my last post you know that am a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars. Its my guilty pleasure that and teen wolf. 
Here are some pictures from the latest season. That's season five on pretty little liars and teen wolf season four.

 That denim jacket on Hanna looks good with the LBD.
 I dont know about you but Spencer's outfit there looks great. I love it. I will do it for a post as one of the first looks. Trust me... ;-)

.......and here are TEEN WOLF pictures. I am a huge fan of Tailor Hotchelin.


I stared these too though a little behind schedule. Do
n't laugh.

So now to food wise I love my  watermelon

I need new I need heels and honestly I have been having this new love with nude.

HAPPY FEET =HAPPY GIRL AND LIFE. Don't those nude look amazing. I need ten of these #newmission.
 So to my last pictures its something that i adore. Maybe am a bit late but I don't care I am in love. I know it is still trending maybe a bit late in Kenya. I have not seen a lot of people trying this and i love that. Sorry but we always have a thing when it comes to trending fashion. We over do it. Its one thing to see people trying to look good and there is copy and pasting stuff that honestly we know doesn't work out well.
Drum rolls please as i introduce the WHITE ON WHITE fab fashion.


  I love Ashley Benson's dress especially the back.
I love how Mumbi Shokey did her white on white a sweater and palazo total liking.
There you go my latest more like
Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely productive week ahead of you.
......and I post most at night because with a bottle of water during the night and videos from you tube gives me the drive and ideas flow fast.

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