So my weekend is amazing...or was it amazing, I feel like I should or need to but impossible school. I have to,need to and kinda love to go to school. There are amazing people in school, interesting and fashionable too ohh also inspiring. Anyway my weekend was spent watching the latest season of pretty little lairs and teen wolf. I know you are giving me the look of disbelief but I have a good reason for PLL.
   1. The fashion involved.
   2.I never get tierd of mistery.
   3.Tyler Blackburn (Caleb)
I think those are my main reasons for watching  PLL. For teen wolf....mmmmm Tyler Hoechlin. cute ass guy and plus i started watching  him when he was still on  seventh heaven.
 Any way to serious business now ...BOX BRAIDS. I am a huge fan of black box braids. The bigger the better. I did some last month and after i undid them i had to do them again this month.
Well i will put up the pictures for you to get what I mean.

                                                The up do is good for any occasion.
  Cleanly done and the  lipstick. Awwww.
i so want to do this. have thigh length box braids.
Now  here are some pictures of me.
I had this last month.
I loved this look so much.
These are my new braids.
                                                      THANK YOU GUYS FOR STOPPING BY and remember black long braids are good on any one.

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